Club Information

All Funmatches, Playdays, and Distance/Accuracy Clinics are open to non-members for as many times as they want to come. People who are members of other Frisbee Dog Clubs are asked to limit attending two of the above club activities and then asked to make a decision on club membership. Club parties, meetings and Exhibitions are for members only.


A Playday is typically the second Saturday of every month. This is a time when the Club comes together to help and socialize with people and their dogs that are interested in playing Frisbee and with new members. Playdays are open to everyone. This is a great opportunity for non-members to come and meet the club and find out more information about the club and Canine Frisbee in general. For members, this is a time to come out and practice their skills along with getting tips and tricks from other members. This is also a good time to strengthen your skills of performing in front of a crowd. Even if you feel as though you are not ready to perform in front of a crowd, Playdays are a good place for you and your dog to socialize. Be sure to bring water for your dogs, a leash, a crate to hold them while you are working with other members, a chair for you and maybe a shade canopy for those hot days.

Contest Music:

When you enter in a contest, you can either supply your own music or the Club will provide something for you. If you provide your own music, bring it to the DJ booth before your performance.


The DDD Club does Frisbee Exhibitions on a regular basis. These are open to all DDD Club members. We encourage you to attend the Exhibitions and perform with your dog. Again, this is a great time to work on your skills in front of a crowd.

Fun Match:

This is a mock contest. A Fun Match is usually held in place of a Playday and is used as practice for a Local Contest and/or Regional Event. The format is the same as a DDD Local Contest with a Beginner, Advanced and Pro division.